Loving Those With Fibro: Caring for those with the invisible disease.

Published by VIA MEDIA GROUP

Are you one of the millions of people who suffer daily from the invisible disease call Fibromyalgia? Or are you one of the countless who know/live with and love someone suffering? Loving Those With Fibro is for you. Loving Those With Fibro is a small book is designed to help explain why people with Fibromyalgia cannot function in the same ways as other with out it. It helps answer some of the questions that get asked like…

How come you never want to go out with me anymore?

I hear Fibromyalgia wasn’t even a real disease?

You LOOK fine, so what the problem?

Why is your house always so messy?

Have you heard these questions before? Have you ASKED these questions before? Then give Loving Those With Fibro a read.

Lastly, Loving Those With Fibro has been written to speak words of hope. It is our intention to say… YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We’re all in this together.

So be looking for Loving Those with Fibro to be released May 12th!








Published by VIA MEDIA GROUP

Jesus Christ started a Revolution of Love over 2000 years ago. It evoked such change in the hearts of men, women and children, that it literally changed the world. Today the Revolution of Love continues.
Revolution Love, the book,  takes you on a journey through the Love Teachings of Christ with daily devotions designed to draw you into Christ’s love.   Are you ready to join the Revolution?

Book is available at the following locations and is available in both paperback and digital formats:


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