For the price of a cup of coffee…


I admit it. I grew up in the 80’s and early 90’s. And having done so, I watched the sad commercial of the famous actress crying out to America for my help. What did she want? Well let me tell you for I remember it far too well. “FEED THE CHILDREN! Did you know for the price of a cup of coffee, you too can help feed a starving child in… (Choose an impoverished nation).”

Do you remember that commercial? I do.

Did it impassion me to feed the children? No, I was only a kid, and frankly the coffee analogy went far over my head.

But not so today. The other day I hit the most famous coffee shop chain in America; perhaps the world. As I drove away I started to feel the Holy Spirit speak to me. He didn’t speak in words, but in pictures. The pictures were of little brown faces looking at me. As I drove to the office I wondered, “How many people could I have fed for $4.10?” Even now as I write this, I feel a little  “funny” about paying so much for a cup of coffee that in the 80’s was less than 50 cents.

So what is the answer? How many children could I have fed a meal to, if I instead sent the money to a organization that feeds third world country kids? Well I went to one of my favorite ministries web sites,, and there I found that 25 year old Katie Davis can feed 2 children 1 meal for the price of a US postage stamp.

Well ok, I never liked word math problems, but I figured I could handle this one. If the price of a current postage stamp cost me 46 cents and my coffee for the day cost me $4.12 dollars, I could have fed 8.5+ children a meal in Uganda.

The math is rather simple, yet astounding.

8.5 people could eat a meal for 1 coffee.

I love coffee. I really, really, really love coffee.

But do I love coffee more than I love little children filling their belly’s?


Out of this inward conversation with the Holy Spirit I have come to a conclusion, which really rests on action on my part. I need to be more intentional in my love for other people, even ones I have never met.

Jesus says in Luke 9:13

“You give them something to eat.”

So I will.

How about you?

If you are looking for ways to bless those needing a blessing, check out these awesome sites…


One thought on “For the price of a cup of coffee…

  1. Oh Mike…. I have seen the benefits first hand of feeding those for a price of coffee. When Kevin took us to Haiti almost two years ago we bought rice for families. One bag was approx. $25.00 and it fed 10 families for 4 weeks. Mind you it wasn’t much food, certainly not by our standards, but for them it was a feast for kings. Hungry tummies, fed. When we came home it took me a long time to buy a cup of coffee again….funny how the stuff at the office takes just as good…and I am know it feels so much better to send that check off each month.
    God bless!

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