Old School Rulz

panida-theater-sandpoint-hurley-deanI’m an old soul at heart. Yes of course I am completely wired into this current generation, with my Mac Book Pro, iPhone, iPad, and all the modern tech of the day. But inside, I am old. So I will tell you I was a little intrigued to go to my first movie at the old timey Panida Theater in Sandpoint, ID. Having no pre-conceived notions about the place, I went thinking, this could be cool. It was. I was ushered back to a time, where seating is limited, options were one, and people were so excited to be there. People chattered LOUD before the movie began. This doesn’t happen at a new modern theater, where the lights are down and the moment is hushed. But at the Panida, people were jazzed to be there and the air was electric. Even after the movie people cheered and clapped. It was cool.

But it was weird.


We just don’t do this kind of life anymore. We have become a people who keep to themselves. We tend to eye each other with judge-full repose and look for creepers behind every nook and cranny. But last night not so.

It reminded me what it was like when I was a kid. A community being together, enjoying the simplicity of shared space.

Remembering is important.

Today my goal is to remember yesterday. And to cherish today.

Because today is tomorrows yesterday.

God Bless.


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