Unity: It’s a good thing

Acts 2:46
So continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, they ate their food with gladness and simplicity of heart.

I love that the early church took time daily to break bread (eat food) and lived peacefully in one accord. No we’re not talking about a Honda. To live in one accord must’ve taken something special. It must’ve taken the hearts of the people laying down their personal likes, and feeling, and intentionally looking out for their fellow humans first. What a novel idea. Unity sounds… well restful to be honest. We live in a time where speculation and consternation are considered great values to obtain, and we keep a watchful eye on those around us, as if at any moment our brethren will snatch our wallets and steal our prized possessions.

I was speaking at a conference this past weekend. It was a gathering of youth for both Montana and Wyoming. The teens were great and the adults were as well. It was fun to watch the Holy Spirit move among His peoples and bless each as He saw fit. 

A few states over in Oregon there was another youth conference going on where some friends of mine from Woods End Ministries were preaching and teaching and worshipping. I suppose they too experienced an outpouring of God. Want to know something cool? As we were doing our thing in Billings MT, and they were doing their thing in Oregon, the collective leadership(s) started to pray for one another. In unity.

Why? Couldn’t God bless both youth conferences without the need for us to get involved? Well yes. But one thing I found as I prayed for Woods End was that we had a connection. Our people were their people and vice versa. Both camps were ONE people whom wanted to praise a worthy God! And through that I believe we will see further oneness and collaboration. 

So what’s the end goal? I desire is to see more souls won to Jesus. More broken lives put back together. And I wouldn’t mind having more brothers and sisters to lean on.

Unity is good.


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