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I have been called to help people to CONNECT with God through faith in Jesus, to help them GROW in their faith, and to equip them to SERVE others.  In order to gain the right to do those things, I seek relationships with pre-Christian people by being a part of my community, by living a godly life that attracts people to Jesus, and by boldly presenting the Gospel when prompted by the Holy Spirit. When I have the opportunity to lead one to Christ, I believe it is my responsibility to help them mature in the faith, so…

An inspired saint once taught me that “I don’t have the right to correct someone spiritually  until I have taken the time to get to know him relationally.” Although the Lord has called me to preach from His pulpit, He also called me to love people as He does.  The best ministry happens between people who know and love each other, so I take the time to engage God’s people. In so doing, I get to share Jesus with them!

That said, feel free to get to know me a bit by exploring my site.  The links above will take you to pages about me, and the book, Revolution Love.

-Pastor Mike


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